08 Feb 2022

Why List With An Agency?

Why List With An Agency?


With commissions involved, you might ask yourself why it would be valuable to list your property with a realtor. After all, doesn't everyone love more money? And you're pretty smart, right? Tech-savvy? So it should be a piece of cake. 

Not exactly. 

Listing your home with an agent is likely to result in a faster sale since real estate marketing executives are better able to market your property. Real estate agencies have access to MLS databases (Market Listing Services) that unlicensed individuals simply don't have. Your agent may also know of someone directly who is looking for a property like the one you are selling, and may even be able to secure an offer without marketing it at all. An agent can fetch the absolute best prices for your property, making the commission an afterthought in the process once a sale has been made. 

What about your protection? Of course, we here in Bali were no stranger to operating without the proper licenses, but when you're gambling with as large an investment as your home or land, it's simply not worth the risk. Time and time again we are met with customers who have been absolutely burned by contractors building without the proper permits, or any legally binding contracts, in areas that don't even allow for residential or commercial listings.  The owner is left with all of the losses while payment has been made without consulting a legal team. Our office has an Indonesian lawyer on staff to arrange that absolutely everything is in fair order for our customers every time.

Listing with Ray White Buleleng is nonexclusive, and we will do all the hard work for you. You simply can not lose out on taking the opportunity for us to handle your property. Just get in contact and one of our professional marketing executives will come to you to do all of the hard work.